What You Need To Know to Build a Child-Friendly Bed and Breakfasts in Wisconsin

Bed and breakfasts in Wisconsin are popular lodging choices for travelers. Bed and breakfasts in Wisconsin that cater to kids or that are kid-friendly get many visitors. Families that are traveling or even locals that want a fun place to stay appreciate bed and breakfasts in Wisconsin that are designed to be welcoming to kids. Here are some elements to consider.

Prioritize Comfort

Comfort is key for families traveling with children. It can be difficult, especially for younger children, to adjust to a new temporary sleeping arrangement. Kid-friendly bed and breakfasts in Wisconsin have found success in prioritizing comfort for the children.

Make sure you have the equipment that families with children need to ensure their comfort. For example, portable highchairs for the dining room, roll-away cribs for the bedrooms, and other kid equipment will ensure that the child and the parents can enjoy their stay. Local plumbers can help you create a comforting environment for children by installing child-height sinks in the bathroom.

Creating a comfortable, inviting environment for children may require a few changes, but it will be well worth the effort. Consider creating “kids only” zones within the B&B that have child-friendly furnishings, video games, and toys. Likewise, don’t forget about creating relaxing spaces for “parents only.” There is a balance to creating a space that all family members can enjoy.

Child-Proof Kitchen

Bed and breakfasts in Wisconsin that want to provide a family-friendly atmosphere must focus on safety in communal spaces like the kitchen. The kitchen often is a busy space. The kitchen will need to be child-proof to reduce the risk of accidents.

Installing child safety locks on cabinets is your first step in ensuring little hands don’t grab things that could harm them. If you use a propane tank for cooking fuel located outside, you will need to install a locking cage to keep kids away. Safety latches on appliances are another must-have in a communal kitchen area where children have access.

Outlet covers should be installed not only in the kitchen but throughout the entire home. Outlet covers are an essential part of child-proofing any space. These covers keep children from sticking things in the outlet. They are inexpensive and provide a great deal of protection. Consider using furniture bumpers on furniture with pointed edges to protect little heads as they toddle by. Secure trash bins both inside and outside to ensure little ones can’t topple over or climb in them.

Taking precautions in the kitchen to protect children will ensure that your bed and breakfast is a safe place to be for families. Conduct regular child safety inspections to ensure that the space is always safe. Parents will appreciate the effort.

Proper Heating

It’s essential that bed and breakfasts in Wisconsin have reliable heating systems. Local heating repairs can ensure that when guests arrive, the B&B is warm and comfortable. Reliable climate control not only ensures the B&B is comfortable for the kids, but it also ensures that every guest is comfortable.

Losing heat in the dead of winter is dangerous for the guests and the property. One of the easiest ways to ensure that you never have to scramble around and find solutions to a heating problem is to arrange for regular maintenance of the system with a trusted provider. Local heating specialists can tune up your system on an annual or bi-annual basis.

Preventive maintenance of your heating system not only ensures reliability, but it can also ensure energy efficiency. There is evidence that preventive maintenance can significantly extend your heating system’s life. It can also save money in other ways. Preventive maintenance can help you avoid emergency breakdown repairs.

Property maintenance of bed and breakfasts in Wisconsin, including heating system maintenance, ensures that these lodging choices are always ready for guests. Getting the heating maintenance you need now will ensure your B&B is comfortable for everyone. It will also give you peace of mind so you can focus on your guests and not worry about the heating system.

Safe Pool Environment

Bed and breakfasts in Wisconsin that have pools add an element of fun for families. However, if your property has a pool on site, there are safety measures you will need to take to ensure that the pool environment is safe for children. You may have to install barriers around the pool and consider using proper chemicals to lower ph in swimming pool to protect children.

If you are going to host children at your B&B that has a pool, it’s essential that you install a fence around the pool with a child-safe access system. Post signage that includes a statement prohibiting children from being left in the pool area unattended under a specified age. Ensure that the pool area is outfitted with safety equipment like life jackets and flotation devices.

Develop an emergency plan in case there is a pool incident and keep the plan posted. Ensure that the pool is regularly cleaned. If staffing allows, you should provide pool supervision. Consider installing a non-slip surface around the pool to heighten safety.

Pools are a big draw for travelers with children, but they require special safety measures to ensure everyone can enjoy the pool without risk of injury. Place clear signage around the pool that marks depth levels and safety protocols. Ensure that your pool is compliant with local regulations.

Engaging Activities

To be a kid-friendly B&B, you will need kid-friendly activities. For example, a jump toddler session, an indoor foam pit, kid-friendly arts and crafts, and more are all engaging activities that can help to designate your B&B as a kid-friendly place. Creating activities that will engage the little ones so mom and dad can relax will build a reputation for your B&B as kid-friendly.

Invest in the play equipment you will need to create structured, engaging activities for kids. An indoor foam pit is a good example of an equipment investment that you will get plenty of use out of. Invest in age-appropriate board games, crafts, and more to keep young guests engaged. Create a schedule of activities like scavenger hunts and more to make the experience fun for kids.

Parents will appreciate the opportunities for their children to enjoy themselves. Engaging activities for kids can make wonderful memories. Other ideas include face painting, nature walks, and educational activities. There are plenty of ways you can make your B&B a fun place for kids to be.

The goal of any of the bed and breakfasts in Wisconsin should be to ensure that every guest has a memorable and positive experience. If you are going to bill your B&B as a family-friendly stay, you will need to incorporate fun activities for the youngest guests. Giving some thought to activities to engage the children will endear your B&B to parents.

Choose Safe Set Of Furniture

If your B&B is going to be child-friendly, you will need to furnish the B&B with kids in mind. You may lean toward using antiques in your B&B decor, which is fine, but do take precautions in areas where children will be present. Kid-friendly furnishings will ensure that your guests have a relaxing time. Choose furniture that is durable and safe for kids.

Safe furnishings are furniture that can’t be easily tipped, and that is made from kid-friendly materials. Hire movers to remove any furniture that poses a risk to kids before you open your B&B to families with young children, take safety precautions when installing furniture. For example, ensure that bookcases and tall dressers are anchored to prevent trip hazards.

Look for sturdy furniture with rounded edges. Consider avoiding furniture with glass detailing and components. Check drawers for safety features like stops to prevent the drawer from being pulled out. Choosing furniture that is crafted using non-toxic materials is always a good choice, especially when there will be young children around the furniture.

Making your B&B a safe place to be requires that you consider all the details including the type of furniture that will be used to decorate the B&B. Choosing safe furniture for kids can reduce the risk of injury and the risk of liability. Of course, it will also ensure that families enjoy their stay with you.

Outdoor Space To Allow Activities

Designating outdoor areas for children starts with ensuring that the outdoor space is safe. You may need to contact an experienced tree surgeon to remove any risky trees before you can create an outdoor space for kids to play. Creating a play space for kids outdoors is a great way to make your B&B a welcoming environment for kids.

Play equipment like swings, slides, and outdoor child-size furnishings can create a magical atmosphere for children. Of course, safety should always be a priority. You will need to consider ground cover to absorb falls. A fenced space is best to ensure that children are safe while playing.

Consider investing in play equipment in various sizes so that both young and older children will have a place to play. A playhouse for pretend play would also be a great addition. Consider equipment that is on theme with the theme of your B&B. For example, a Victorian playhouse will complement your Victorian-style B&B.

A well-thought-out outdoor area for children will elevate the experience for the children. Consider setting up activity stations outdoors. It will help keep the mess to a minimum and make cleaning up after a crafting session easier. Dedicate part of the space to a place where kids can eat outdoors. Set up nature stations outdoors where kids can learn about native species, animals, and more.

A Relaxing Bedroom

Designing a kid-friendly bedroom for your B&B requires safety considerations, comfort considerations, and of course, aesthetic considerations. There is a balance between the three that you can find that will create a bedroom that is child-friendly without sacrifice. First, as we mentioned, you want to choose furniture for a bedroom that is safe and child-friendly.

Of course, while you are designing a child-friendly bedroom, you should also consider guests who are traveling without children. Upholstered wall panels can be the happy solution to keep all guests comfortable and well-rested. Upholstered panels for the walls have noise-cancelling properties, and they add a safety component as well.

The fabric absorbs sound. Young children and babies often wake up in the middle of the night. Upholstered panels can ensure that guests in adjoining rooms are not disturbed. These panels can be used instead of headboards which can add to the room’s safety.

As in all the rooms that children have access to, you should ensure that furnishing is adequately secured and anchored. Outlet covers should be used on every electrical outlet. Consider adding darkening shades or drapes to help keep natural light out until parents choose to let it in; this can help with afternoon naps.

Enough Parking Space For Families With Cars

Families tend to travel in larger vehicles to accommodate all the family members. It’s essential that parking is easy to reduce stress for your guests. Ensure that your parking area offers ample space for families to load and unload.

If you want to elevate experiences for your guests, consider partnering with a car detailing business that can clean up family vehicles after their long road trips. Bed and breakfasts in Wisconsin that offer added value services build a positive reputation among travelers. How nice would it be if guests had a nice, clean vehicle to return home after their stay?

There are plenty of ways you can transform your bed and breakfast into a family-friendly destination in Wisconsin. It’s a niche that can drive business right to your front door. Follow the suggestions here for creating one of the bed and breakfasts in Wisconsin that families flock to for their lodging needs. Learn more about upgrading your bed and breakfast to a kid-friendly location.



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