11 Activities to Try On Your Next Vacation

10 Activities to Try On Your Next Vacation

Planning a family vacation itinerary can be overwhelming. Here are 10 activities to consider for your next trip.

Planning a family vacation is an exciting opportunity to create lasting memories and bond with loved ones. Whether you’re dreaming of a relaxing beach getaway, an adventurous outdoor expedition, or exploring a vibrant city, careful planning is key to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Start by discussing preferences and interests with all family members to choose a destination that appeals to everyone. Consider factors such as budget, travel time, and accommodations to find the perfect balance between adventure and relaxation. Research activities and attractions at the destination to create an itinerary that accommodates different age groups and interests.

Practical considerations like transportation, packing essentials, and health and safety precautions are also essential parts of the planning process. By involving the whole family and being mindful of everyone’s needs and preferences, you can create a memorable and enriching vacation experience that brings joy and excitement to every moment spent together.

1. What are some popular family-friendly destinations for vacations?

When planning your family vacation itinerary, consider popular family-friendly destinations like Disneyland, beach resorts, national parks, camping sites, and all-inclusive resorts. These destinations offer a variety of attractions and activities suitable for all ages, making them ideal for family vacations.

At Disneyland, families can enjoy thrilling rides, meet beloved Disney characters, and watch entertaining shows. Beach resorts offer relaxation by the water, water sports, and beach activities. National parks provide opportunities for hiking, wildlife viewing, garden viewing, and camping experiences amidst natural beauty.

For a more budget-friendly option, consider camping at a campground or staying at an all-inclusive resort where meals and activities are included in the package. These destinations offer a mix of adventure, relaxation, and cultural experiences for the whole family to enjoy.

2. How can I create a budget-friendly family vacation itinerary?

Creating a budget-friendly family vacation itinerary involves setting a budget before planning, looking for deals and discounts, opting for all-inclusive packages, choosing affordable accommodations, and planning meals in advance. By setting a budget at the beginning of the planning process, you can prioritize essential expenses and allocate funds accordingly.

Look for deals and discounts on accommodations, activities, and transportation to save money on your family vacation. Opting for all-inclusive packages can help you save on meals, activities, and entertainment costs. Choose affordable accommodations such as campgrounds or budget hotels to stretch your travel budget further.

Planning meals in advance, whether by cooking in your accommodation or opting for budget-friendly dining options, can help you save money on food expenses during your family vacation. By incorporating these budget-friendly tips into your itinerary, you can enjoy a memorable vacation without breaking the bank.

3. What outdoor activities can families enjoy on vacation?

Outdoor activities are a great way for families to bond and enjoy nature during their vacation. Consider activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, snorkeling, and zip-lining for adventurous experiences in the great outdoors. These activities provide opportunities for exercise, exploration, and fun for the whole family.

Hiking allows families to explore scenic trails, observe wildlife, and discover hidden gems along the way. Biking tours, with an e bike rental, can offer a unique way to see the destination and stay active while on vacation. Kayaking and snorkeling provide opportunities for water-based adventures and marine life encounters. Consider a relaxing boat ride, too; just make sure the  boat canvas and upholstery is ready to go for a sunny day.

For those seeking adrenaline-pumping experiences, consider trying zip-lining through treetop canopies for a thrilling adventure. These outdoor activities can be enjoyed at national parks, beach resorts, or adventure destinations, adding excitement and adventure to your family vacation itinerary. You could even consider an adventurous water activity like a  whitewater rafting trip.

4. How can I keep kids entertained during travel?

Keeping kids entertained during travel is essential for a smooth and enjoyable family vacation. Pack travel games, bring portable electronic devices, plan pit stops for stretching and exploring, prepare a travel activity kit, and download kids’ podcasts or audiobooks to keep kids engaged and occupied during travel.

Travel games such as card games, puzzles, and interactive activities can keep kids entertained during long car rides or flights. Portable electronic devices loaded with age-appropriate games, movies, and apps can provide hours of entertainment for kids on the go. Plan pit stops at local attractions, playgrounds, or scenic spots to break up the journey and allow kids to stretch their legs.

Prepare a travel activity kit with coloring books, crayons, stickers, and small toys to keep kids engaged during downtime. Download kids’ podcasts or audiobooks to listen to during travel for a fun and educational experience. By incorporating these tips into your family vacation itinerary, you can ensure that kids stay entertained and happy throughout the journey.

5. What cultural activities can families participate in during vacation?

Participating in cultural activities is a great way for families to immerse themselves in the local culture and heritage of their vacation destination. Attend local festivals and events, visit museums and historical sites, try local cuisine through food tours, participate in traditional arts and crafts workshops, and take language or cooking classes for a unique and enriching cultural experience. For example, consider taking a  local ballet class if dancing is a big part of the community.

Local festivals and events showcase the vibrant culture and traditions of the destination, offering opportunities to witness performances, taste local delicacies, and interact with the community. Museums and historical sites provide insights into the heritage and history of the region, allowing families to learn and appreciate the local culture.

Food tours offer a culinary journey through the destination, allowing families to sample traditional dishes, visit local markets, and learn about the food culture. Traditional arts and crafts workshops provide hands-on experiences in creating local handicrafts and artworks. Language or cooking classes offer opportunities to learn new skills and connect with the local culture on a deeper level.

6. How can I incorporate relaxation into my family vacation itinerary?

Incorporating relaxation into your family vacation itinerary is essential for balancing adventure and downtime. Schedule downtime at the resort or hotel, book spa treatments for parents, encourage kids to participate in kids’ clubs, plan a beach day with sunbathing and swimming, and practice yoga or meditation as a family for a rejuvenating and peaceful experience.

Scheduling downtime in your itinerary allows for rest and relaxation between activities, ensuring that everyone feels recharged and refreshed. Book spa treatments for parents to unwind and de-stress while kids can enjoy supervised activities at kids’ clubs. Plan a beach day with sunbathing, swimming, and beach games for a day of relaxation by the water. Check out the hotel’s local hardscaping and relax on a balcony or pool deck, too.

Encourage the whole family to practice yoga or meditation together to promote mindfulness, relaxation, and connection. By including these relaxation activities in your family vacation itinerary, you can strike a balance between excitement and tranquility, ensuring a well-rounded and enjoyable vacation experience for everyone.

7. What are some educational activities families can enjoy on vacation?

Education and learning can be central elements of a family vacation, providing enriching experiences and opportunities for discovery. Explore science centers and observatories, visit zoos and aquariums, take nature walks with a guide, attend wildlife conservation programs, and participate in interactive history tours for educational and engaging activities.

Science centers and observatories offer hands-on exhibits, interactive displays, and engaging demonstrations that spark curiosity and interest in science. Zoos and aquariums provide opportunities to learn about animals, conservation efforts, and ecosystems through informative exhibits and interactive experiences.

Take nature walks with a guide to explore the local flora and fauna, learn about the environment, and appreciate the beauty of nature up close. Attend wildlife conservation programs to support conservation efforts, learn about endangered species, and contribute to wildlife protection. Participate in interactive history tours to delve into the past, visit historical sites, and gain a deeper understanding of the destination’s heritage.

8. How can I plan an adventurous family vacation itinerary?

An adventurous family vacation itinerary can include thrilling activities and experiences that push boundaries and create lasting memories. Book outdoor excursions like rafting or rock climbing, explore caves or go spelunking, try hot air balloon rides or helicopter tours, go on a safari or wildlife expedition, and opt for adrenaline-pumping activities like bungee jumping or skydiving for an adventure-filled vacation.

Whitewater rafting trips offer excitement, teamwork, and adrenaline-pumping thrills as families navigate rapids and conquer the river. Rock climbing adventures provide opportunities to challenge oneself, build confidence, and enjoy stunning views from the top. Explore caves or go spelunking to discover underground wonders, fascinating rock formations, and unique geological features.

For a bird’s-eye view of the destination, consider hot air balloon rides or helicopter tours for a unique and exhilarating perspective. Embark on a safari or wildlife expedition to encounter exotic animals, observe wildlife in their natural habitats, and learn about conservation efforts. For the ultimate adrenaline rush, opt for activities like bungee jumping or skydiving for an unforgettable and thrilling experience.

9. What are some ways to make a family vacation more memorable?

Making a family vacation more memorable involves capturing moments with photos and videos, keeping a travel journal or scrapbook, creating traditions or inside jokes, writing letters or postcards to loved ones back home, and reflecting on the day’s experiences as a family. These simple yet meaningful gestures can enhance the bonding experience and create lasting memories for the whole family.

Capture moments with photos and videos to document your family vacation and preserve special memories for years to come. Keep a travel journal or scrapbook to write down daily experiences, thoughts, and reflections, creating a personalized keepsake of your trip. Create traditions or inside jokes during the trip to strengthen family bonds, foster shared experiences, and create lasting connections. You can even consider hiring a  professional event photographer to capture some family photos.

Write letters or postcards to loved ones back home to share your adventures, thoughts, and experiences with family and friends. Take time each day to reflect on the day’s activities, highlights, and moments as a family, fostering communication, gratitude, and connection. By incorporating these practices into your family vacation, you can create a meaningful and memorable experience that will be cherished for years to come.

10. How can I involve my family in the vacation planning process?

Involving your family in the vacation planning process can enhance the overall experience, foster collaboration, and ensure that everyone’s interests and preferences are taken into account. Brainstorm destination ideas together, assign tasks and responsibilities to each family member, create a shared Pinterest board for trip inspiration, plan a family meeting to discuss itinerary details, and allow kids to choose specific activities or attractions they want to visit for a collaborative and inclusive planning approach.

Brainstorm destination ideas together as a family to generate excitement, explore different options, and consider everyone’s preferences and interests. Assign tasks and responsibilities to each family member, such as researching activities, booking accommodations, or creating an itinerary, to involve everyone in the planning process and share the workload.

Create a shared Pinterest board for trip inspiration, where family members can pin ideas, attractions, and activities they are interested in exploring. Plan a family meeting to discuss itinerary details, logistics, and expectations for the trip, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and has a voice in the planning process. Allow kids to choose specific activities or attractions they want to visit to empower them to make decisions and contribute to the planning of the family vacation.

11. When in doubt, plan a staycation

Planning a family staycation offers a wonderful opportunity to relax, unwind, and explore your local area without the hassle of travel. Start by setting aside dedicated time for your staycation, ensuring everyone can fully disconnect from work and school commitments. Next, brainstorm activities that cater to different interests and ages, such as visiting local attractions, parks, or museums, organizing family game nights, or trying out new recipes together.

Consider creating a themed staycation to add an extra element of fun and excitement, whether it’s a backyard camping adventure, a movie marathon with homemade popcorn, or a day dedicated to exploring different cuisines from around the world. Zip around your neighborhood on your local golf carts for some extra fun or even hire a limousine rental service to feel like you’re traveling in style!

To make the most of your staycation, try to minimize distractions by unplugging technology and focusing on being present with your family. By embracing the simplicity and spontaneity of a staycation, you can create cherished memories and strengthen your family bonds without ever leaving the comfort of your home.


With these 10 activities in mind, crafting a family vacation itinerary that suits every member’s interests and preferences can be both exciting and fulfilling. Remember to prioritize quality time, exploration, and relaxation to create lasting memories for your family.

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